Calculation of Brownian motion by Einstein formula

Calculation of Brownian motion by Einstein formula

1Boltzmann constant:kB*10^-23 J/K(m^2・kg/s^2/K)-
2Absolute Temperature:TK0℃=273.15K
3Time interval:ts-
4Viscosity of liquid:η*10^Pa・s-
5Radius of the spherical particles:a*10^m-
6GraphPlot Input Data:
7Number of gridlines of Graph x-axis, y-axis -
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Brownian motion,Einstein formula,Boltzmann constant,Absolute Temperature,Time interval,Viscosity of liquid,Radius of the spherical particles


[1]:Graham Woan著・堤正義訳:『ケンブリッジ物理公式ハンドブック』,共立出版,p.111,2007.
[2]:Virtual Office Hours, Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA :『Brownian Motion』
[3]:W.Gerhard Pohl:『The theory of Brownian motion-one hundred years old』


・『Δx is the displacement of the particle along the x axis in time interval τ』Reference[2]:x.
・『(Δx)^2 is the average of (Δx)^2 over many measurements』Reference[2]:<x^2>
・Boltzmann constant:kB
・Absolute Temperature:T
・Time interval:t
・Viscosity of liquid:η
・Radius of the spherical particles:a
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